Below a list of students/researchers who are working with me at Imperial. If you are interested in working with me, please see this page for relevant opportunities.

Tony DamGaussian Matrix Factorisations (MSci)
Paula Cordero Encinar - Interacting Langevin dynamics (PhD - miniproject)
Paul ValsecchiInteracting Langevin dynamics (PhD - miniproject)
Yitong Yan - Robustness of particle filters (MSci)
Matthew Young - Generative Protein Design (MRes)
Peiyi Zhou - Exploring Discretizations of Underdamped Langevin Dynamics (BSci)


Visiting students

Adam Rozzio, (from ENS Paris-Saclay, between 04/2024-07/2024)
Omar Fabian Gonzalez Hernandez, (from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, between 10/2023-04/2024).


Joe MarksGenerative Modelling for Data Augmentation in Factor Investing (MSc)
Rina MalettaMatrix Variate Gaussian Matrix Factorisation (MSc)
Sally MarshallA Temporal Proximal Point Method for Matrix Factorisation of Time Series (MSci thesis)
Peter Christofides PatonInvestigating Generalisation in Score-Based Generative Models (MEng thesis)
Carlos Cardoso Correia PerelloConvergence of Adaptive Importance Samplers for Unbounded Parametric Families (BSc)

Summer students

Tim WangGenerative modelling with adaptive Langevin dynamics (BSc)

The photo is of Imperial's South Kensington Campus. It was taken by Dmnk.saman and is reproduced here under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.