I am a Research Fellow of the University of Warwick, with a joint appointment between Dept. of Computer Science and Dept. of Statistics. I am based at The Alan Turing Institute, London, working within the London air quality project, led by Theo Damoulas, which is a part of the programme on Data-centric engineering. I am also a member of the Warwick Machine Learning Group. Previously, I have completed my PhD under the supervision of Joaquin Miguez within the Signal Processing Group at Carlos III University of Madrid. Before that, I got my engineering degrees from Istanbul Tech focusing on signal processing.

I am interested in optimization (stochastic), optimization (probabilistic), optimization (nonconvex), optimization (gradient-free), with applications to computational statistics, machine learning, and signal processing.

Here is my usually up-to-date CV. See works page for preprints, papers, slides, posters, and other things related to my work. I maintain a research blog called almost stochastic for short notes which might be of interest to other people.

Here are some more links: My Google Scholar, github, LinkedIn, a few Amazon book reviews (Amazon US and Amazon UK) (hopefully there will be more soon), and my Medium page.

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